Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Planning

So many people feel as though the exciting times of their lives are over once they start using a mobility device. This does not have to be the case because there are now ways that you can do your favorite activities while staying comfortable. It is even possible to take your wheelchair on your next cross-country vacation, and the whole process is easier than you think.

Pack Light

While it may be impossible to pack a light suitcase for your next trip, you can pack a light wheelchair. Choose a chair that is comfortable to sit in but that can easily fit in the back of your trunk.

When you travel with a light wheelchair, you will be able to go on tours without worrying about getting tired or weak. You can see all of the beautiful sights without fear of losing energy before you are finished. You can even take the lightweight wheelchair into cabs, airplanes or trains, which means you can take advantage of all modes of transportation.

Experiment with each wheelchair before you buy it. Practice folding and unfolding it to make sure that you can use it without any problems. Be familiar with it before you take it on your vacation.

Get a Wheelchair Lift

If you will be taking your own vehicle, invest in a wheelchair lift. This will give you the ability to carry your wheelchair across the country no matter how large it is.

If you rely heavily on your wheelchair, you can use the wheelchair lift to transport it easily. You can find a lift for every type of vehicle, which means that you can take your car, truck, van or SUV on your vacation. You’ll have easy access to your wheelchair at all times, and you won’t have to worry about finding a way to store your chair.

Do Your Research

Before you go on your trip, check out the different venues that you will be visiting. Find out where the access ramps are, and gain special permission to enter tours if necessary. Make sure that each site that you are visiting will have everything prepared for you so that your tour can be even more enjoyable.