Posted by on Jan 4, 2013 in Planning

Countries in Europe such as France, Britain, Germany, and Italy are famous for their stunning beauty. So no wonder having a vacation in Europe is everyone’s dream as you will enjoy the diverse beauty and unforgettable experience during a vacation in Europe.

Here are some tips for you, so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable trip in Europe:

  • Documents Preparation

You need to prepare all of your important documents such as visa, passport, and also identity card. It is recommended for you to keep all the documents separate from your money bag as it will be safer for you.

  • Find information

You can find the information of destinations that you will visit on the internet. Do not forget to record all the important information needed. It will be very useful for you during the trip.

  • Plane tickets

Using low fare airline is still one of the best way to get a cheap flight. You can visit the website of Low Cost Airlines Europe which has more than 50 low fare airlines that fly across Europe routes.

  • Do not bring too many gadgets

You are not on a business trip, but you are on a vacation. So bring only items that you really need and leave all things which are not too important. A digital camera and a cell phone are enough.

  • Accommodation

In Europe, you do not need to choose a luxury hotel. Besides its expensive price, i’m afraid that you will not have enough time to use all of their facilities, because you will be busy going around the city to enjoy a lot of beautiful places. You can find a lot of cheaper hotels in various cities in Europe which will cost you just 10 Euros per night. You can find those cheap hotels list on the internet. If you want to have an unique experience,you can also try staying overnight in the monastery complex which can be found in various cities in Europe such as England, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany. The monastery is open to the public, and usually receive voluntary contributions provided by guests.

  • Proper Clothing

Do not underestimate a few little things that could have a major impact, such as improper selection of clothes, do not bring or wear formal clothes, but use casual or sporty clothes. You should wear sport shoes as well, as they will make you comfortable in your activities, considering there will be a lot of walk from one place to another place.

  • Food and Beverages

You must be aware of the price of food and beverages in Europe. Sometimes they are pretty expensive. I believe you don’t want to run out of money just for food and drinks alone. So, I recommend you to find information about where you can find some cheap restaurants in that city. Well, you can get the information from the staff at the hotel where you stay.

  • Public Transportation

During a vacation in Europe, you should use the public transportations, as they will be cheaper than the taxis. Tram, busway, and subway are just some of those public transportations which will be available for the tourists.

  • Healthy and Fitness

Keep on being healthy and fit during your vacation. Sleep and eat regularly. Prepare some vitamins and essential medicines during your trip.

  • Documentation

Your vacation should be documented well. Not everyday we can enjoy a vacation like that, so those beautiful memories should be documented really well. You just need to prepare a digital camera. Make sure it has enough memory, and the battery has already been fully charged.