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4 Great Pocket Friendly Ways to Celebrate Your Vacation

Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Budget

When we think about a vacation, we often think that we need to spend a lot of money to enjoy every bit of it. We then go to different places and amusement parks to have fun. However, the problem is our pockets go empty.

A vacation does not always mean that you need to spend a lot to enjoy it. You just need a great idea and a bit of creativeness to enjoy your vacation. So, here are ways to celebrate your vacation that is friendly to your pocket.

  • Find a Job.

It can never be avoided that when the vacation season comes our pockets go on empty. Well, if you are having that problem then why not take up a job? During the vacation season, many companies have a lot of job hiring’s. Why? Because a lot of their regular employees go “on-leave” to enjoy the vacation season that is why this is your big chance to earn some money. In the summer, the most popular types of companies that post hiring’s include BPO’s, software firms, advertising agencies, corporate, hospitals, fast food chains, hotels and the newspaper firm.

  • Bring up your hobby.

There is no human in the world that has no hobby. The only problem is they have no time for their hobby. Well, it’s the vacation season! It is finally your time to bring it up. As we know hobbies are things that people do often that entertain them. So, you can say that everything is established by you. With everything set up the only thing you need to do is act upon it. May it be fishing, archery and maybe even just gardening. Bring it up for sure you will enjoy your vacation.

  • Learn a new game.

One thing that can tire us in a vacation is the games that we always play. Games that are basically “overused” could kill the fun and excitement a vacation gives. That is why in your next vacation extravaganza try to learn new games for a change. Where do you look? Well, the internet is there for you and you can even make up one of your own.

Another thing is there are literally a lot of board games you can find in your toy store. You can even find computer games perfect for the summer through the internet.

  • Create a study group.

A vacation is really not perfect if you do not have someone to enjoy it with so, why not try to create your study group. Invite your friends and colleagues to create your very own study group. Think about it as a group of kids in a tree house but in this case, it is an adult version of it. Of course, you do not need to create a tree house. You can have your discussion at the comfort of your home in the living room. You can even watch movies with your friends. Another great idea is to create your own bible study group and nurture your faith with the Lord and learn more about Him.

Vacations really do not need to be defined as an event that requires you to spend a lot of money to enjoy it. However, the real definition of a vacation is having fun and adventure but in the end will still make you happy.

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in the World

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Luxury Cruising


  • The Sydney Blue Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

This modern jewel was constructed in 2005 near Sydney’s ultra-fashionable Woolloomooloo Bay’s beautiful beaches. It features over 100 suites that are decorated using today’s finest retro style decorations and soft pastel colours. These cosy living spaces have access to a lovely “living room” style reception area, a fitness centre and a supportive atmosphere that is sure to please even the most demanding guest.

  • The Hotel Königshof (Munich, Germany)

This family-owned marvel features over 70 rooms that are decorated using rich leather interiors and beautiful 19th century German antique furnishings. Travellers will enjoy this hotel’s close proximity to the Marienplatz city square and the attentive staff’s attention to detail.

  • The Hotel Sacher (Salzburg, Austria)

This family-run gem is situated near the Hohensalzburg fortress that is located near Salzburg’s city centre. It includes over 75 rooms that include a wide-screen telly with digital satellite TV service as well as lovely furnishings that reflect the area’s local tastes. In addition, shoppers will enjoy the hotel’s close proximity to Salzburg’s shopping destinations.

  • The Grand Hotel Wien (Vienna, Austria)

This 175-room beauty has it all! It is located near Vienna’s famous opera house. It features beautiful 19th century-style furnishings and a beautiful view of St. Stephan’s Cathedral. Furthermore, holidaymakers will enjoy eating at the Wien’s French restaurants.


  • The Chatwal (New York, USA)

This “Baby Grand” style hotel is located near Broadway. It features beautifully decorated rooms with Art Deco style decorations. It also has sumptuous beds, tremendous in-house restaurants and the latest digital technology. Theatre buffs will also enjoy the hotel’s close proximity to New York’s Theatre District.

  • The Hassler Hotel (Rome, Italy)

This beautiful 19th century-era hotel is close to the Pantheon and Villa Borghese Park. It features extra-large rooms, impressive 19th century Italian furnishings and a beautiful dining area that has to be seen to be believed.

  • The Langham Hotel (Hong Kong)

This posh hotel is located near the energetic Kowloon District. It includes over 450 richly decorated rooms that use silks and gold leaf to create a truly memorable living environment. Diners will also enjoy working with an attentive wait staff that is eager to please.

  • The Ritz Hotel (Paris, France)

This Cesar Ritz classic combines amazing guest service, unbelievably good food and sumptuous surroundings that have stood the test of time. Furthermore, it features 18th century style decorations; Michelin Star rated restaurants and a lovely Olympic sized swimming pool.

  • Le Hôtel de Crillon (Paris)

This beautifully decorated hotel is located close to Le Place de la Concorde. As a result, art lovers will especially enjoy this hotel’s private surroundings. These surroundings include a quiet garden, large rooms and a lovely dining area that serves some of the best French cuisine anywhere in Paris.


  • El Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I (Barcelona, Spain)

This Spanish jewel is located near Barcelona’s main street. It includes a lovely outdoor garden, tremendous 19th century style villas, large living areas and comfortable bathrooms.

Furthermore, patrons who love good food will enjoy eating at one of the three restaurants that serve modern Spanish cuisine with a flair. As you can see, there are many luxury hotels round the world that try hard to create an unforgettable experience for travellers. That is why it is so much fun exploring these hotels. Have fun exploring these hotels as you travel around the world!

Terminals of London Heathrow Airport

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in City Guides

Terminal 1

Queen Elizabeth inaugurated Terminal 1 in May 1969. Terminal 1 served as a base for the domestic network of British Airways from Heathrow to long distance destinations until Terminal 5 commenced its operation. With the area of 803, 000 sq ft, the renovation of terminal 1 in 2005 witnessed the expansion of the departure lounge in the new eastern extension. Also, additional space for seating and retail shops were expanded. Terminal 1 is a home to Aer Lingus and several other airlines as well.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is considered as Heathrow’s oldest terminal which was opened in 1955. Initially, the terminal was designed with a plan of handling 1.2 million passengers annually. However, with the increasing rate of passengers touching a base of around 8 million, the building of Terminal 2 became ricketier and was finally demolished with the plans of rebuilding the site with a larger area equal in size of Terminal 5.

Terminal 3

Earlier known as the Oceanic Terminal, it was opened on the 13 November 1961. During the initial phase, there was a direct helicopter service to Central London with a helipad on the roof of the terminal building. It was later rechristened as Terminal 3 in 1968 and had an expansion in 1970 with the construction of the arrivals building. In 2006, Pier 6 was developed at a cost of £105 million to provide space for Airbus A380 Superjumbo. A new four lane drop-off area and a large walker path with a canopy to the terminal was constructed in 2007 to make the passengers feel more comfortable.

Terminal 4

This terminal is undergoing a rapid development with accordance to the increasing rate of passengers. Stretching out to an area of 1,140, 200 sq ft, it is a home for the Sky Team alliance and a few other unaffiliated carriers as well. Opened in 1986, it is exactly located next to the cargo terminal and is connected to other terminals through the Cargo tunnel. A whopping amount of £200m was invested to provide base for 45 airlines along with a forecourt to manage the traffic congestion. Extended check-in area, renovated piers, departure lounges and a new baggage system are the latest attractions of Terminal 4.

Terminal 5

Terminal 5 was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth ll on the 14 March 2008 and opened to the public from the 27 March 2008. During the initial phase, the terminal faced disruption in operation due to improper IT systems and poor staff training that resulted in the cancellation of 500 flights. Nevertheless, it managed to overcome the hurdles with the vigorous staff management and technical enhancements. The terminal has a four storey main building and is linked to two satellite buildings by an underground people mover transit system. Built at a cost of £4.3 billion, Heathrow’s Terminal 5 has an area of 3, 200,000 sq ft with Concourse B spanning across an area of 650,000 ft. It consists of 60 aircrafts and stands with 30 million passengers a year.