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The Best Hotel Freebies – It’s Freebie Time

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Hotels

The economic slowdown was a nightmare for the global business community, and, especially the hospitality industry, everyone fighting to survive the impact. Customer retention became the buzz word. However this was in a way a big boom time for the few lucky ones who could still afford to travel for business and pleasure. As market demand shrunk due to tight travel budgets, hotels crammed to woe the travelers left, right and center. This period saw the advent of some very innovative and creative marketing offers by hotels across the globe. While different hotels adopted different strategies to retain guests and business, here are a couple of freebies that the hotels offered to its guests to attract them.

Free Limo Airport Pick-up

As you touch down at your destination airport, you were greeted in the arrival hall by the hotel’s representative who helped you collect your baggage, and escorted you out where the hotel limo waited to take you to the hotel. There were even surprises in the limo services. You were offered a cold perfumed wet towel to freshen up, complimentary soft drink or water, shown the stack of newspapers and magazines and also offered a choice of music CD’s for your listening pleasure. Luxury, they say has no limits.

Arrival Welcome Drink

Upon arrival at the hotel, you are again offered a welcome drink while you are checking in. This generally included a colorful mock tail, fresh juice or my favorite, fresh coconut water with a fresh red hibiscus flower smiling at you. Very welcoming!

In Room Freebies

Most hotels, including some top branded hotels offered a number of freebies to its guests in the room, like-

Fresh Fruits and Flowers

Choice of Freshly cut fruit platter that you could order from room service, compliments of the hotel.

Free soft drinks from the mini bar. Now this one had a catch. While the soft drinks were free, all alcoholic drinks was charged. However I must compliment the idea as it made the guest open the mini bar and get sold to the other chargeable stuff packed in it.

Free bottles of mineral water replaced daily.

Free platter of homemade cookies.

Free good night chocolate at bed time nicely placed on the pillow of your bed.

Free Newspaper which you got with your early morning tea, if you ordered it or it was left hanging with your door knob.

Free in room tea-coffee maker with different types of tea and coffee sachets, milk powder and sugar.

Free Luxury toiletries in the bath room which included soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bubble bath and body lotion.

Complimentary hot breakfast buffet offering a huge variety of juices, fruits, preserves, breads, cold cuts, salads, dairy products, choice of eggs and a couple of hot local dishes and hot beverages. This freebie I feel, is the best part of the offer.

Free WiFi offered by many hotels on full or partial basis. You could use the lap top up to certain MB’s free and beyond that you were charged. Alternatively some hotel allowed free use of their business center for 30 minutes a day, enough to scan through your mails.

Top 10 Tips for Girly Girl Travel – How To Travel Smart and Look Good at the Same Time?

Posted by on Feb 19, 2013 in Planning

Every girl has her unique traveling style. Personally, I like to travel smart and look good at the same time. After a few trips, I found some useful tips that I have been practicing them every time – for both long and short travels.

  1. Bring all your wear-and-throw-away stuff. Best method to dispose old underwear, socks and tops.
  2. Washable cloth bags and plastic bags are a must! Depending on size, I bring 5 of each when I go traveling anywhere more than a week.
  3. Baby powder, body spray, scented moisturizer, deodorant and perfume. These can help to feel clean and smell good.
  4. Minimal beauty kit. Moisturizer, sunblock, loose powder, blusher, eyebrow palette, 1 eye shadow color, 1 mascara, lip balm and hair creme.
  5. Bring a water bottle with built-in filter everywhere. Ever since I owned one, I never went traveling without it.
  6. Take 1 multi-vitamin a day in morning. Food availability can be unpredictable. Helps to stay healthy and provide the essential nutrients.
  7. Three pairs of shoes are just nice. One good pair of all-purpose trekking shoes but looks good for daily wear, one pair of slippers, and one pair of boots.
  8. Bring only 1 set of accessories, buy the rest there. Best method to get unusual accessories and their first debut in your travel photos.
  9. Always carry 7 panty-liners in your bag. Estimate 4 panty-liners per day when packing. You can never be too sure when is your next opportunity to shower.
  10. Wear bikini (bathing suit) as underwear. Wash them daily, dry within 2 days. Just 3 sets can last for 1-month travel.

I will shower and wash up as if I am going to bed just before heading to airport (except with minimal make-up to look good). Travel smart by wearing my fave bikini, most comfortable top with jacket/hoodie, jeans and heaviest shoes up the plane. Totally suits the girly girl traveling style.

Binary Options Brokers

Posted by on Feb 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

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First, you need to know your trading style well before choosing a broker. You should make sure that the broker you work with suits your trading style so that you will not found any clash when they work for you. You also should choose binary options broker that has best security for you, because you will share your personal and financial information, your credit card information, and also the money you have deposited. When you are sure that the company is trustworthy, you will not worry too much. And then, because what you struggle for is money, you need to choose a binary options broker that offersgood fixed gain, wide range of commodities and stocks that may lead to big success when you win the trade. Next, binary options broker should have good reputation. What if the binary options brokers always make their clients lose money? You do need to trust your money to them. You trade to win, not to lose and be poor. So, binary options broker’s reputation is also counted when you select them to start your trading. Then, do not forget to keep looking for the update of best binary options brokers in the internet. There are several financial websites that post the top binary options brokers. You do not want to make mistake on your own choice, right? Best be careful and patient when selecting them. They may determine your luck.