Posted by on Jan 20, 2013 in Hotels

Everywhere you look the word luxury is being used; luxury coffee, luxury face cream. Hotels often attach the word luxury to their title, but what does it actual mean and what does it take to be called luxurious?

This article is going to discuss the meaning of luxury and then apply this to hotels and find out what they need to be doing and providing to customers for them to be able to use the word luxury in reference to their property.

The word Luxury is a noun, which has been defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Another definition explains that luxury is something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity.

So it is fair to say that most people think luxury is something of value, however a luxury will vary to the individual. For example, a very wealthy person might feel an expensive gift is a luxury whereas a homeless person might feel a meal or a bed for the night is a luxury. Many people will often look at time as a luxury, as people are always wanting more time, both to spend with family and loved one and in life.

Personally Luxury items are those which are often priced high, and are very modern and only a few people own. For example designer handbags and tablet computers.

When luxury is used with hotels it is not so varied:

A hotel is defined as an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis, and a Luxury Hotel is defined as the same but the Luxury refers to combination of facilities and style and something which one don’t normally experience at home.

If a hotel has the word luxury attached, it is commonly know that the price is increase, so what are you paying for?

  • Fast and easy check in, they should offer video or express checkout. And discrepancies on your bill should be settled swiftly.
  • The correct room, the room you booked should be exactly as you expect it, as you should be able to specify the type and size of room and physical location in the hotel.
  • High quality bedroom and bathroom features. The design and layout of the room should be “luxurious”, they both should be clean and odorless.
  • Personal service, each employee should provide personal service and go above and beyond to ensure each guest is happy.
  • Complimentary touches, for example bottles water, tea and coffee in the room, free Wi-fi and free use of the gym facilities.